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tattoo shop in manchester

A tattoo can be described as a decorative art or design edged on the human body, it can be a picture image of anything from flowers, letters, animals and any other item that ca be drawn. Tattoos come in different colors, although many people go for black tattoos because they are cheaper and contrast better against most skin colors. Any tattoo shape or figure is made by putting ink which is indelible onto the top layer of the human skin called the dermis layer. Tattoo ink has pigments that are mixed with a carrier.

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The practice of tattooing has been done for many centuries and in varied cultures all over the world. The very first allusion of tattoos is found in the famous known journal of Mr. Joseph Banks in the year 1769. Today, there are many tattoo shops or studios located all over the world. The cultural practice of tattooing still remains widespread among the Arabs in Eastern Turkey, Hausa people in the northern region of Nigeria as well as the Maori people of New Zealand. The meanings of tattooing in the different cultures are different, depending on the peoples and culture.

Indeed, it is commonly known that Great Britain derives its name 'Britain' from tattooing. The term Britons is translated as the people of the designs while the term Picts, who are the original people of Britain, practically has the meaning of the painted people. From this, Britain's population remains the people who are the most tattooed in the whole world. Despite much controversy regarding tattoos, this art practice continues to be practiced in very many locations around the globe.

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The trend had a somewhat explosion in the 1990s which saw tattoos become a mainstream portion of Western fashion and the larger globe as well. With much practice especially in the United Kingdom, tattoo shops and studies have perfected the art and it is not unusual to come across a tattoo that has been so creatively designed that it makes you speechless. They make the tattoos interesting by using different color ink and placing them on different and difficult parts of the body.

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Beginning early 2010, Barbie dolls with tiny tattoos on them were being sold and were widely accepted by the buying public even through there were a lot of questions asked and eye brows raised regarding this. There are basically five distinct types of tattoos.
These are:

  • natural

    also referred to as traumatic tattoos which come about through injuries

  • amateur

    done by inexperienced artists

  • professional

    done by more experienced and expert artists

  • cosmetic

    done purely for decorative purposes

  • medical